Mayer Road Tunnel Lighting Control System

Installed in tunnels across the world

The Mayer Road Tunnel Lighting Control System: An Outline

A road tunnel lighting control system which is controlling road tunnel lighting throughout the world. It works as follows:

  1. A luminance meter mounted at the approach to the road tunnel measures the light levels at the road tunnel entrance;
  2. Lighting levels measured at the road tunnel entrance are passed to a controller via hardwire cable;
  3. An easy-to-programme controller allows users to set luminaire ON/OFF switching parameters;
  4. In accordance with these pre-set parameters, the controller switches ON/OFF tunnel luminaires in response to data from the luminance meter at the road tunnel entrance;
  5. An optional illuminance meter mounted inside the tunnel entrance provides a check on lighting levels within the road tunnel entrance.

Why specify the Mayer system?

It is sold as a package or in component parts;

It is independent of any lighting manufacturer;

It is easily integrated into a host tunnel control system;

It provides a low cost road tunnel lighting control solution;

It is simple to install and requires little ongoing maintenance.