Mayer M1600 Controller

Controlling ON/OFF switching of luminaires in the road tunnel entrance

Standard specification

  1. Programmable by keypad on the controller front panel;
  2. Switching criteria 1: lighting level for switching ON/OFF of up to 8 stages of luminaires;
  3. Switching criteria 2: time allowance for cloud delay;
  4. Outside luminances levels displayed on LCD, except in the event of lumininace meter failure;
  5. An RS232/RS485 serial data output which will transmit on a regular basis: Luminance level; Photometer failure; Control unit fault; Control unit watch dog reset.;
  6. Emergency Stage output contact is always On irrespective of any failure of the system;
  7. In the event of a Photometer failure, the stage switching relays will be set according to customer requirement. The LCD will display "Photometer Failure";
  8. A surge protector is fitted to the controller;
  9. Controller housed within a cabinet measuring 40 cm wide x 50 cm height x 20 cm depth. Cabinet weatherpoof rating IP66.

Why specify the Mayer system?

It is sold as a package or in component parts;

It is independent of any lighting manufacturer;

It is easily integrated into a host tunnel control system;

It provides a low cost road tunnel lighting control solution;

It is simple to install and requires little ongoing maintenance.